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APLUS APLUS APLUS was founded on July 1,1992. Our mission is to design, develop, market and sell various CONSUMER VOICE IC solutions to the worldwide customers. We provide best voice ic solution to industry segments, such as (i) Elevator industry, (ii) toy manufacturer, (iii) Card and album industry, (iv) Consumer Electronics and multimedia. We target high growth markets with our low cost, high quality voice ic and seek for building long-term relationships with our customers.
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COSMO COSMO Cosmo Electronics Corporation was established in 1981 to engage in the manufacture
of relay products. Through its relentless devotion to research and development over
the last two decades, Cosmo has expanded its product lines to include Solid State Relays (SSR), IC type Reed Relays (RR), SSR-MOS FET output, and Photo Couplers .
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GPS Modules, BeiDou Modules, GLONASS Modules, GALILEO Modules, WIFI Modules, Bluetooth Modules 

HOPERF HOPERF Hope Microelectronics Ltd has become one of the most successful designers and manufacturers in digital sensor, RF IC, RF discrete devices and related application solutions.
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GMT GMT Founded in 1996.GMT created analog ic design dedicated power solution.Our R&D,Production,Quality Assurance and Marketing teams with professional knowledge in design, and high quality in service ,we provide both domestic and international business service on Analog IC solutions.We focus providing in innormation and customer needs.
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