RF Devices
VANLONG VANLONG Vanlong Technology Co.,Ltd., (VTC), offers popular Frequency Control and RF products manufactured by well known China manufactures. We have serviced overseas customers successfully since 1994. We welcome your inquiries.
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Navisys Navisys Navisys Technology applies the latest GPS technology of SiRF ICs and other local chipsets to design and manufacture GPS modules and engine boards for AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locator) and PND (Personal Navigator Device). Moreover, Navisys also provides various GPS related products - G-mouse receiver, Bluetooth GPS receiver, data logger, camera detector and personal tracker.
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CHIN NAN CHIN NAN As an ISO9001 registered manufacturer of RF/Microwave connectors and cables assemblies, the mission of Chin Nan Precision Electronics Company has not changed since our inception in 1965. Our goal is to provide exceptional value to you, our loyal customers, through design, operating efficiency integrity and service .
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SATENA SATENA Hankook Antenna Co.,Ltd,(SATENA) is a leading company in Korea which specializes in R&D and manufactures antennas only.
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HOPERF HOPERF Hope Microelectronics Ltd has become one of the most successful designers and manufacturers in digital sensor, RF IC, RF discrete devices and related application solutions.
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