29/05/2016 12:49:55
The total connectivity solution to customers around the globe. Specialized major product lines cover various connector and cable offering including memory card socket, PCB card socket, I/O connector and cable assembly.
29/05/2016 12:47:17
Global Logistics now represents SKYLAB - GPS Modules, BeiDou Modules, GLONASS Modules, GALILEO Modules, WIFI Modules, Bluetooth Modules
29/05/2016 00:00:00
Representative & Distributor for COSMO - its product lines includes Solid State Relays (SSR), IC type Reed Relays (RR), SSR-MOS FET output, and Photo Couplers .
29/05/2016 00:00:00
Global Logistics (Israel) Ltd. now represents APLUS Integrated Circuits - various CONSUMER VOICE IC solutions
29/05/2016 00:00:00
Global Logistics (Israel) Ltd. Represents VANLONG Timing Products